Optimus Prime vs. Peyton Manning (Superbowl Match-Up)

prime peyton

Well this is an interesting matchup.  In October of 2012 Richard Sherman changed his twitter handle to “Optimus Prime” in advance of a game against Calvin “Megatron” Johnson and the Detroit Lions.  The name has kinda stuck and many NFL fans now affectionately refer to him via this nickname.  Peter Cullen called Richard Sherman before that game, disguised as Optimus Prime, to wish him luck against “Megatron”

Now Richard Sherman is trying to best his toughest opponent and one of the greatest, if not THE greatest quarterback, EVER (Peyton Manning)!

All jokes aside from the play on words, this truly will be a great match-up.  Richard Sherman is in my opinion probably the best cornerback in the NFL and Peyton Manning is… well PEYTON MANNING.

My prediction for this game:  Broncos 33 – Seahawks 27.  What are your thoughts on this match-up?


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  • Cabrón

    He is definitely not worthy of the name ! How about “Mega Douche Bag” instead?