TF4: Age of Extinction (HQ Teaser Trailer)

I don’t know if everyone else is as excited as i am about the 30 second teaser trailer that we saw during the Superbowl yesterday.  We got our first look at some of the first footage from the new movie.  A HQ version of the trailer is now online courtesy of

So what did we learn from this trailer?  It looks like G1 fans beloved Grimlock is going to be in this movie.  We also saw another shot of a flying dinosaur like creature.  Possibly Swoop?  Hopefully!   With that being said… all you G1 fans know that Wheeljack basically created the Dinobots…so…could we possibly see Wheeljaack in this movie?  I hope so but that is pure speculation and not even anywhere close to being confirmed.

Optimus Prime has been redesigned for this movie.  And there was another Transformer that looked to be a gun type transformer.  Could this possibly be Galvatron? More speculation.

There are so many things we could speculate about. That is what builds the excitement with this franchise. One thing is for sure.  This franchise is for naught without Optimus Prime and Peter Cullen. Peter Cullen is the glue that holds this ship together.   Thank You Michael Bay and Paramount for recognizing this and supporting the fans by choosing a great human being to be the voice of this franchise



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