Peter Cullen Hopes Next TF Movie Will Return To Its Roots

Peter Cullen was at SacAnime recently.  He spoke and we all listened. One of the more interesting things he talked about was how he had to utter a line in Age of Extinction that he did not want to.  It was  something he felt was not true to Optimus Prime’s character.  He voice his concern and was ultimately told he had to say the line.

He hopes that that TF 5 and 6 will go back to their roots.  Who kniows where the next iteration of the TF movies will take us.  But we can be certain that as long as Peter Cullen is the voice of Optimus Prime we know he will try and keep Prime as honorable as possible.

Below is Peter speaking at SacAnime:




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  • Rebecca Stolter

    Optimus Prime should not die! I look up to him in time of need! Seriously please don’t hurt Optimus please!? :'( I don’t trust anything I read just like what Transformers Prime Optimus said to Megatron! Plllllllleeeeeeeaaaaaasssssse!