Larry King to Interview Peter Cullen on 7-13-12

Well this is about as epic as they come.  World famous Larry King is going to interview the voice of Optimus Prime, Mr. Peter Cullen on Friday July 13th 2012 @ the San Diego Comic-Con.  From the San Diego Comic-Con website:

“6:00-7:00 Optimus Prime: Up Close and Personal— The incomparable Larry King, one of the most recognized broadcast interviewers in the world, goes one-on-one with voice actor Peter Cullen (Optimus Prime), a talent who is practically synonymous with Comic-Con itself. In this panel, “The King of Interviews” salutes the beloved Cullen and takes attendees through the actor’s early days on the original 1984 animated TV series Transformers Generation One, the three box office smash Transformers movies, and his current work on The Hub TV network’s Daytime Emmy Award-winning animated series Transformers Prime from Hasbro Studios. Audience Q&A to follow. Room 23ABC”

This is one interview you DO NOT want to miss.  Check back for coverage right here!


Source:  2012 San Diego Comic-Con website


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