Transformers: Fall of Cyberton video game

Peter Cullen reflects on the upcoming game to be released on PS3, XBOX, and PC. The game is due in August 2012 with Peter Cullen reprising his role of Optimus Prime. Could you imagine any other voice for Optimus Prime?  No I dont think so.  I will be first in line for this game!

Transformers: Prime The Video Game

They are still releasing games for the Wii you ask?  You betcha! Coming this October 30th, Transformers: Prime will be shipping for the Nintendo Wii and 3DS.  Screenshots look pretty good and all your favorite voices from the cartoon will be making their way into your living room too.  Actually, the cartoony nature of theRead More

Larry King to Interview Peter Cullen on 7-13-12

Well this is about as epic as they come.  World famous Larry King is going to interview the voice of Optimus Prime, Mr. Peter Cullen on Friday July 13th 2012 @ the San Diego Comic-Con.  From the San Diego Comic-Con website: “6:00-7:00 Optimus Prime: Up Close and Personal— The incomparable Larry King, one of theRead More